Israel Demands a King: 1 Samuel 8:1-9

Sunday Worship 1 Samuel Series

Text: 1 Samuel 8:1-9

Purpose: God moved the writer of 1 Samuel to pen these words as a constant reminder to Israel and to us that rebellion always leads to pain and strained fellowship with God.

Proposition: God wants you to be careful what you demand from Him, because He knows what is best for you.

Interrogative: What truths will motivate us to be very careful about what we demand from God?

Scene 1: God’s will for Israel: Exodus 19:3-6

  • Israel received grace. They were God’s chosen people.
    • Scripture through them
    • Covenants to them
    • Promises for them
    • Law to and for them
    • God’s glory in their midst
    • Redemption through the Messiah.

1 Samuel 8:7

  • Israel’s laws were established by God, and He alone was to be their king. We call this a theocracy.

Scene 2: Israel’s chaotic condition: Judges 17:6

  • Idolatry
  • Immorality
  • Violence
  • Injustice
  • Polygamy
  • Erratic behavior
  • Intermarriage with idolaters
  • Selfishness
  • Famines and oppression from their neighbors

Scene 3: Israel’s selfish demand to God: 1 Samuel 8:1-9

Scene 4: God’s response: 1 Samuel 8:7

  • Their heart is not with me, so give them what they want.
  • I will not fight them, but I will warn them of the seriousness of their decision, and the consequences that will follow.
  • God wanted to warn the people, leaving them and all generations to follow a testimony of the damaging consequences of following your own heart rather than God’s revealed will.

 Scene 5: Their difficult consequences: 1 Samuel 8:10-22

  • He will abuses his authority
  • He will take your things
  • He will use you for his own benefit
  • You will have constant conflict with your neighbors
  • A broken fellowship with God.

Psalm 106:12-15

Practical lessons:

  • God’s ways do not always seem the best, but they are.
  • The world’s way is the common way.
  • God’s ways are for our own good.
  • We are prone to demand things without any idea of the consequences.
  • God’s people are to be distinct from their unconverted neighbors.
  • We are to be governed by God and His laws, not by the will of men who rule selfishly.
  • You can pick you sin, but not your consequence.
  • You always reap to a greater degree than you have sowed.
  • God does not walk in fellowship with those who demand their own way.


  • Will you take the time to think about your own walk before the Lord?
  • Have you chosen a path that is like these people, one that is common, but will lead to pain and suffering?
  • Are you compromising and looking for something that may in the end hurt you?
  • Be careful what you ask for, because if you ask enough, God may give it to you to your downfall.

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